Connecting Ashby with Introist
Connecting Ashby with Introist

Connecting Ashby with Introist

Seamlessly continue that great candidate experience once the top talent is hired on Ashby. This article covers how to connect the platforms, and how to use the integration.

Introist is the HR team’s scheduling and messaging assistant. We eliminate the hassle of scheduling internal meetings, such as onboarding and 1:1s, by checking attendees’ availability and automatically scheduling important meetings when people are free.

On top of that, we deliver helpful and well-timed messages from key people via email or Slack, so that each experience around key employee moments is personalised but consistent.

All scheduling and messaging steps are built into multi-step workflows that are easy to create, track and improve.

If you don’t yet have an active Introist account, please get in touch with our team here

1. Activate Introist in Ashby

Log in to your Ashby account and navigate to ⚙️ AdminAshby APIAPI KeysNew

Give you API a good name, such as “Introist API key”. Copy the generated key.


Next, (maybe on a separate tab) log in to your Introist account, head over to ⚙️ SettingsIntegrations. Hit Activate at Ashby. Then, open the Configuration module. In the first tab credentials paste the API key you just copied from your Ashby account.


Now we have made the connection between Ashby 🎉🎉🎉

To push people from Ashby to Introist and launch workflows based on actions in Ashby, say, when they are hired, let’s configure the trigger (= a webhook). Once created, you can trigger the Introist workflow for each job pipeline.

2. Create a trigger in Ashby

Step 1 - Create a webhook in Ashby

On your Ashby account, go back to ⚙️ AdminAshby APIWebhooks New.

  • Webhook Type: select “Candidate Application Changed Stage
  • Request URL: Head back to your Introist account and Ashby settings. In the Configuration tab copy Webhook URL and paste it in Ashby
  • Secret Token: The same thing, from Introist, copy the secret URL and paste it into Ashby

Next click ADD in Ashby. If everything works well, you’ll get a success popup 💪.


Step 2 - Select job pipeline and stage and action

You have now connected Introist with Ashby. To enrol people into a correct workflow within Introist, together with your Introist customer success manager, you need to map a correct role, and hiring pipeline stage to a correct Introist workflow.

This part is a piece of cake.

Step 3 - Finish!

Enjoy success!


3. Using the integration

Once a candidate is hired in Ashby, that will launch an onboarding journey in Introist.


Below is a list of fields that get imported from Ashby.


Ashby fieldIntroist attribute
First name, last name
Personal Email
Personal email
Work Email
Work Email
Job Title
Job title
Expected Start Date
Target date
Hiring manager
First name, last name, email

Hired on Ashby

When the candidate has accepted an offer and is moved to the Hired stage in the recruitment pipeline, that will add the new joiner into introist.


Candidates that get imported from Ashby will appear in the Journeys tab in navigation, which is an overview of all active, ongoing journeys.


To follow all messages and events that are sent or scheduled, simply open the profile. You can also edit and modify all content that is not yet delivered if you wish.