Connecting HiBob with Introist

Connecting HiBob with Introist

If you want to connect HiBob with Introist, please contact your dedicated Customer Success person

Getting started

Introist needs API token with right scopes to work with. Scopes are Full employee read and Employee fields read.

Check HiBob’s article on how to find the API Token:

Step-by-step guides

  1. Go to HiBob and generate API token with said scopes
  2. Go to Introist and open “Settings” → “Integrations”
  3. “Activate” HiBob integration
  4. Submit API token to Credentials.

Importing people from HiBob

Introist uses `Read all company employees` -endpoint to fetch people in your organisation. Using conditions determined by you Introist will filter in only people you want to import to Introist. Introist needs scope Full employee read to use this dataset.

You will have full control on what data Introist reads into from HiBob. Introist uses `Get all company fields` -endpoint to select correct fields based on your configurations. Your point of contact will help you build the configuration. Introist needs scope Employee fields read to use this dataset.

Syncing people from HiBob

Introist can also sync people data from HiBob after import. Sync uses the same endpoint as import to get data and updates only the fields you are providing through the configuration using HiBob ID as identifier.