Connecting Teamtailor with Introist
Connecting Teamtailor with Introist

Connecting Teamtailor with Introist

Automatically start onboarding journey when a candidate is hired on Teamtailor. This article covers how to connect the services, and how to use the integration.

Introist is a tool to create onboarding workflows, such as sequences of messages, tasks and calendar events send at the right time to the right persons.

1. Activate Introist in Teamtailor

Log in to your Teamtailor account and navigate to "Marketplace" and select Introist. You can find us from the "onboarding" category.

If you don’t yet have an active Introist account, please schedule a call with Introist expert here .

Select "Activate".

Log in to your Introist account to generate your API key. You can generate the required API key from your Introist app under settings:


Then just paste the API Key in Teamtailor


Once activated, you can trigger the workflow for each job pipeline.

2. Connect Introist in Teamtailor

Step 1 - Choose Trigger in Teamtailor

To Connect Introist with Teamtailor is simple. Log in to your Teamtailor account and under "Jobs" select a job listing you want to trigger the Introist workflow. You can create custom Introist workflows for each role, location, recruiter and/or department.

Select the listing.


And choose "Triggers" from the top right.


Step 2 - Select pipeline stage and action

Next, click the (+) icon on the stage you want to activate the Introist onboarding workflow. Generally, the "hired" stage is the optimal stage to trigger onboarding workflows. Select “Add trigger” and, as you activated Introist in Step 1 above, you should be able to find “Start onboarding” option in the menu.


Now you are good to go! Everytime a candidate is moved to “Hired” stage, they’ll be sent to Introist to start the onboarding workflow.

Note: Leave “Move candidate when complete” option unchecked, as generally “Hired” is your last stage.

Step 3 - Finish!

Enjoy success!


2. How the integration works inside Introist

Now that you have connected Introist with Teamtailor and set set the trigger to "hired" (or similar), this is how the integration works inside Introist.


Hired on Teamtailor

Once the candidate is hired and and dragged into the hired-stage, that will trigger an action on Introist.


Enrolling to workflow on Introist

Most common type is "enrolling new employee" to an onboarding workflow. We recommend enrolling the employee to a "teamtailor queue", because in order to auto-enroll employee to a proper workflow, we would require the following info:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email
  • Start Date (custom field on Teamtailor)

If though you are ready to start using custom fields and import all the necessary data to Introist, see how to add custom fields to Introist:

Using Custom fields from Teamtailor

As the start date is a custom field and is not present on Teamtailor by default, a workaround to get started is to create a specific "Teamtailor queue" workflow in Introist. Once an employee has been enrolled to this workflow, you can enroll them manually to the workflow of your choosing.