Email message use reply-to address

Sometimes you would like the receiver of email step to reply to different address than the sender. This is what you commonly achieve in emails by using the "reply-to" option.

That's possible in Introist as well. Here's how you set up a message with reply to address:

  1. Open workflow editor by selecting "Workflows" in main menu
  2. Open the workflow you would like to edit
  3. Select an email step or create new
  4. At the right side of the "From" field, click the "Reply to" button
  5. image
  6. You know have a new "Reply to" field below the "From" field
  7. image
  8. Type in any email address or select an attribute to use dynamic email resolving.
  9. Save the step
  10. To verify your new reply to address, click "Send me a test" to send yourself a test message. That message should have a reply to address set. (Notice that if you used an attribute as a reply to address, this will not be included in test email)