Invite to event step

Invite to event step type allows you to create a workflow step which invites the Employee (and other selected members) to an existing recurring calendar event. This is how you configure such a step:

  1. Select Invite to calendar event when selecting a step type for your new step
  2. Write a title for your step so that it is easy to recognise in the step listing
  3. Select the date when you want the invites to be sent.
  4. Select the calendar where the event is at. This can be any calendar having access to modify the event. You will see all the calendars that have been connected to Introist.
  5. Find the event. Use the event finder to find the right event.
  6. There is a checkbox allowing you to only invite to the next occurrence of the event. Here’s a brief explanation of both options:
    1. Invite to the next occurrence only unchecked: Selected guests will be invited to the all upcoming instances of the recurring event.
    2. Invite to the next occurrences only checked: Selected guests will be invited only to the next occurrence of the event. Next occurrence is defined as the next instance of the event at the time the invitations are sent (which you configured in step 3).
  7. Finally, select the guest you would like to invite. Most typically you want to invite the Employee of the workflow. In that case, you would likely want to use the attribute Work email. But, you can add as many members as needed to invite e.g. the employees manager as well.

Just hit save and your Invite to event step is ready!