Managing calendar event declines

There are many situations where it is particularly important that the employee (and/or some other attendees) attend the meeting you have scheduled for them.

With Introist you can monitor replies to the calendar invitations and react accordingly if key attendees decline the invitation. Here’s how that works.

  1. Mark attendees as important in workflow editor First thing to do is to let Introist know that you want to monitor some attendees of your meeting. You can do that in the workflow editor while editing the Meeting or Event step. In the “guests” section of the event configuration, turn on “important attendee” selection for all the attendees that you want to monitor.
  2. Employee (invited by their work email) is marked as important
    Employee (invited by their work email) is marked as important

  3. Monitor problems for employees Now that you have your important attendees configured to the workflow step, go ahead and launch some of those workflows for your employees.
  4. Whenever an important attendee declines the event, it is marked as “failing”.

    You can easily notice all your employees with failing steps already in the employee listing by looking for rows with problems column not empty.


    After opening the employee page, you can further see which workflow has the problem.


    Finally, by opening the workflow you can see details of the failing step.

  5. React to event declines
  6. How you react to the situation is up to you. In our example, as the new hire declined the 1-on-1 meeting with their buddy, it makes sense to reschedule it. That’s something you can do directly from Introist, also considering availability for all attendees.


    After rescheduling, the failing state of the step is resolved as the attendees have not yet responded to the rescheduled invitation.