Modify journey attributes

Any attributes that are added to the journey can be modified at any time.


This is how to do that:

  1. Open Journeys view and find the journey you are interested in
  2. Once you have the Journey open, click “Full profile” to see all journey attributes
  3. Click over any attribute value to start editing the value
  4. Once finished, accept the edit by clicking the checkmark button next to the field
  5. That’s it, the value has now been changed!

If you modify an email attribute, you will see an info icon next to the edited value.

This is because Introist will go through all the calendar events in the journey and update the attendees according to your change (removing old email and adding the new one)!

It takes a while for this to happen so as soon as all these changes are completed, the info icon will disappear and you know that all calendar events are up to date.