Release Notes

Batch 9 / 2022

@June 22, 2022

Summer is here and so is our last update of H1 2022! As for the early spring we worked to take the Workflow building experience to the next level, now the work has begun to do the same for Journeys. Slowly but surely all the UI has started to shift toward the new design and that work continues after summer.

Alongside that work, there are few improvements to mention:


This is going to be a big one although it does not show in the UI just yet. In the background we are now constantly monitoring for any hickups in your journeys (missing data etc.) and you will see your Introist Success Team to let you know when there are things to take a look at, before they become a problem!

Improved support for different Workflows

Introist is already used for many different processes such as onboarding, offboarding, transitions, promotions, you name it! This means more Workflows and more Journeys to manage. We have made improvements to help you manage and filter your Workflows as well as Journeys. This includes giving (custom) labels workflows, favouriting most important ones and filtering with wider variety of options.

Fixes & Improvements

Never forget these!

  • Make sure Introist does not suggest Meeting times for weekends (unless you specifically want to)
  • Make fixes so that rescheduling a step works in all situations
  • All emojis didn’t always work as we used a little too heavy hand for content sanitation. Now all emojis work!

Batch 8 / 2022

@May 31, 2022

Events & Meetings

There are two very important concepts in Introist when it comes to calendar events. Sometimes you want many employees to join the same calendar event (think weekly “all hands” meeting), sometimes you want everyone to have their own (think 1-on-1 with manager).

It’s been something Introist has done from day one to allow you to handle both situations, but now we have tried to make the naming of them simpler and more intuitive.

Event is when multiple employees join the same calendar event and Meeting is when every employee should have their own calendar event.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Superpowers for rescheduling Events and Meetings

Having a good workflow is a great way to make sure things happen similarly for everyone. But sometimes life happens and adjustments need to be made.

Now, you can reschedule any Event or Meeting step with help of seeing the best options where to move it!

Schedule steps some time after enroll

So far, there has been an option to schedule a step immediately when the workflow is started for an employee (enrolled). Now you also have an option to say that you want the step to happen some time after the start (e.g. send message to someone 1 day after the workflow is started).

Fixes & Improvements

It’s the first leg with the new Workflow Editor so there has been small adjustment to fine tune it:

  • Slack recipients are now resolving like they should
  • Setting the step to always execute should now be easier to undestand
  • Configuring flexibility for a step is reworked to also make more sense

Batch 7 / 2022

@May 6, 2022

A lot of effort and love to make Workflow Editor than much better

It’s been several months of hard work, feedback, testing and improving to finally get here. We’re ready roll out the whole new Workflow Editor which also rolls out the new generation 2 UI theme that you will see spread all over the Introist during the next months.

This has been a huge effort for us and we really hope it makes building workflows that much easier and more enjoyable. All feedback is great appreciated!

Workflows view revisited

With the momentum of the new Workflow Editor, we also revisited the Workflows listing view. Nothing major has changed but some tweaks here and there.

Workflow settings

Inside the all new Workflow Editor you’ll now find Workflow settings making it possible to control some key configurations for a workflow:

  • Should steps be scheduled for weekends or not?
  • Should calendar steps look for available slots in participants’ calendars?
  • Should calendar events to the employee be postponed until the account is created?
  • Can one employee have multiple Journeys of the same workflow or not?

Meetings & Events

Introist can setup two kinds of calendar events, those that are specifically for employee at hand and those that are shared events between multiple employees. To make this more clear, we have made a clear separation between these types:

  • Calendar events specific for single Journey are now called Meeting.
  • Calendar events inviting employees to join a shared session are now called Events.

Lot of magic happens around these concepts so we hope this helps to understand the difference.

🐞 Fixes & improvements

Even amidst these there have been something to tweak elsewhere:

  • While rescheduling a Meeting, you can now take a look at up-to-date availabilities, that’s just sweet!
  • With a reconnect of a calendar host, now we have all the scopes required to list the rooms available for a Meeting or an Event.

Batch 6 / 2022

@April 22, 2022

Streamlined Slack sender management

Whether you want to send a message from a user of as a custom bot, that’s super simple now. Select any connected slack user, any created slack bot or create a new bot straight from the sender select. Easy as that.

New Workflow Editor is just around the corner

There will be a major upgrade to the workflow editor which makes it even easier and powerful to configure your workflows. You can already start using the new editor by pinging your account manager and in a couple of weeks it will be the one used by default!

Smooooth UI

Alongside the Workflow Editor upgrade, we have paid a lot of attention to making the UI even smoother to use. These are small details but combined it makes a lot of difference!

🐞 Fixes & improvements

Getting back to groove with these:

  • Sometimes calendar availability select returned strange slots, not anymore
  • Although it was already possible to reschedule events, now it’s possible to reschedule event steps even before they are added to the calendar!

Batch 5 / 2022

@March 28, 2022

It’s been a long stretch of hard work on product development. Here are the changes made along the way while we are still looking forward to getting more of that work for you to use.

Upgraded components

If you have looked closely, you might have noticed that not all the UI components in Introist look the same anymore. And you have been right. We’ve done a lot of work to improve the components and to make them as intuitive to use as possible. These changes are rolling in to the UI gradually and eventually take over it entirely.

Rescheduling steps

Even after you’ve made a great workflow with perfect timing for all the steps, life happens for individual Journeys. That’s no problem. From now on, you can change the timing of an individual step at any time in Journey to adapt for those unexpected changes.

Improved Journey listing

The more Workflows you build, the more Journeys you also have active at the same time. Finding what you are looking for from a long list of Journeys is not easy enough with only a simple listing. That’s why we nudged the Journey listing forward by adding the possibility of filtering it based on workflow, while also making a bunch of other small improvements.

No mentionable fixes or improvements this time, can you believe it?

Batch 4 / 2022

@February 25, 2022

Showing different journeys of same person

It’s the bread and butter of Introist to have multiple workflows for different purposes. So it is quite common for same person to have multiple Journeys (personal instances of the workflow) going on at the same time. You can now see in Journey view all the other journeys that the person have going on! How do we know it is the same person? Well, that’s totally up to you to decide which piece of information identifies a person in your setup!

Employee data sync

It is one thing to automatically enroll your employees to workflows based on triggers in your HR system data. From now on, we can keep an eye on those enrolled employees and update their data in Introist whenever it changes in your HR system (of course only when you would like Introist to do that). There’s some quite powerful automation here. E.g. if your employees manager changes, we simply pick that change from the HR system and automatically update all the calendar events which include the manager!

Collapsible main menu

When you have a smaller screen, all the space in the screen needs to be utilised well. Now you can collapse the main menu of Introist to make room for the actual content!

🐞 Fixes & improvements

This is a never ending quest and that’s just fine:

  • It’s no point selecting SMTP email account as calendar event host so we removed those from available hosts
  • Selecting the common event sometimes showed same option multiple times, not anymore
  • When steps get postponed for whatever reason, now they are shown in correct place based on their actual execution time

Batch 3 / 2022

February 11, 2022

Using resource calendars as event host

One great way to setup all your people related calendar events is to have a dedicated calendar for those events. Now you can also set such resource calendar as the host for any event steps in Introist!

Integrations (beta)

Being able to integration Introist to your set of systems is a key to automate as much as possible. That’s why we have worked hard to build the foundation for easily adding the integrations you need. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are wondering whether some system important for you would be available!

🐞 Fixes & improvements

As always, there are improvements to be made:

  • Loading steps for long journeys (think 50+ steps) behaved a bit strangely. Now everything loads neatly at the same time.
  • Something you would like to cancel a step that is failing. Previously that was not possible but now it is
  • It’s useful to see the time of the execution in the step card as well as the date so we added it there

Batch 2 / 2022

January 28, 2022

The year is already progressing at full speed and we’ve been busy laying out groundwork for a plenty of significant improvements to come.

Reworking key elements

We’re looking forward to making workflows still a whole lot more powerful. To be able to do that, we have reworked the architecture to make sure that all the more powerful workflows will work like clockwork and be intuitive to set up. Stay tuned to see what happens!

Connecting Teamtailor streamlined

We took a closer look at how connecting your Teamtailor board to Introist could be as smooth and easy as possible. We made a bunch of changes so that you can just setup the integration once and enjoy selecting the Introist workflow directly in Teamtailor! Here’s an article if you want to see how to connect Teamtailor and Introist.

🐞 Fixes & improvements

Always is a good time to tweak things here and there:

  • Introist Settings section is now divided to tabs to make it easier to use
  • Clearly tell if you are trying to start a Journey without selecting a workflow
  • Also give a reasonable error message if trying to start the same workflow twice for the same employee at the same time
  • When taking a look at Slack messages in the Journey data now resolves all the data, always
  • Also, we now resolve all the Slack message recipients to actual recipient names

Batch 1 / 2022

January 14, 2022

New year, improved processes. This year we will announce all the changes every two weeks but with more articles written to help you succeed and some videos recorded to show how we intend Introist to be used!

🖋 Modifying journey attributes

Don’t know all the details of your employee but would still like to enroll them? No problem, any attributes can now be modified at any time during the journey. We will take care of updating calendar events and upcoming messages. Sweet!

✋ Canceling single Journey step

Something happened during the Journey and one of the steps in it won’t be needed anymore. No problem, that happens. You can now cancel steps from the Journey while the rest of it continues to march on as planned. So far this feature is available for calendar events and Slack messages but rest of the step types will follow!

🎨 Slack step UI in Journey view

Good usability comes from clean and simple UI. With all the new knowledge we have gained since the beta release, we felt that there was significant room for improvement in how the Slack step details are presented when you check them out in a single journey. Enjoy the new and improved UI.

♾ Unlimited cc addresses

Sometimes you don’t need cc recipients to your emails, sometimes you do. Now you can add as many of them as you like.

🐞 Fixes & improvements

Just keep improving! We like to do that a little bit all the time. This time:

  • Attendees not related to the journey at hand (external attendees) are always listed last in Guests block
  • Employee avatar in Journey view was not aligned the right way, now it is
  • When you select Slack message to be sent by bot, Introist bot is selected by default

Week 52/2021

🎅 If there is a week during the year we do not release, it is this one. Happy Holidays!

Week 51/2021

💯 Make it work, make it perfect

As the end of the year is behind the corner we are focusing on improving every bits and pieces of Introist

  • Sometimes loading a handbook failed. We improved how we show handbooks to prevents such a thing.
  • We’ve been delighted how many of you are constantly growing the usage of Introist. Due to that we noticed that some of those lists and collections did not work as expected. We improved how we show you employee attributes.
  • Bunch of other improvements such as improving how we handle images in emails, how we show different dates and more.

Week 50/2021

📩 Reply to

Sometimes it is great that responses to emails are directed to somewhere else than the original sender. Read more about using reply to address here.

🌟 UI Refinements

Keeping on track what happens for all the people in all these workflows is essential. We have started working on more insightful and declarative design to help you understand each individual journey. Last week we released an updated view on a scheduled calendar event to get better grasp on what is going on (e.g. showing rooms separately).

🏂 Weekends are great, let’s embrace them

We believe that taking some time-off is valuable. By default Introist is not scheduling any calendar events or messages during weekends to give you and your people their valuable time to relax and spend time with what they love. Nevertheless if you want to allow Introist to schedule during weekends as well, just ask your point of contact to enable weekend scheduling for those workflows you want.

💝 Integration news

  • Slack integration is now available for all of you. Delight your employees with personalized Slack messages!
  • If you are using Teamtailor and you have integration in place you can now use custom fields such as buddy email when you are importing people into Introist. Your point of contact will help you to get started.

🐞 Bugs bugs bugs, bugs bugs bugs, bugs all the way. Oh what fun ride it is to fix them all away, hey! 🎶

Christmas spirit is here and even mundane stuff like hunting & fixing bugs is a jolly job to do! So our team has now worked on these ones

  • If you were clever enough you were able to submit an invalid email address. Fixed.
  • Removed extra space around lists in emails and Slack messages.

Week 49/2021

✅ Verified by Google - Security Assessment 2021

We are happy to announce that we are verified by Google as we passed this year’s Security Assessment! As you might know Google requires annual Security Assessment when using their restricted scopes such as sending emails on behalf of a user.

Even though we passed the Security Assessment without any required remediation we decided to implement a bunch of security improvements based on recommendations given by Google-empanelled third-party assessor.

  • Extra layer of security to our cloud storages
  • Improved data input validation to catch any unintentional and undesirable data

🐞 Fixes & improvements

Do not wait for the perfect time and place to enter, you are already onstage - Unknown

There is no better time than now for improve ever-evolving Introist

  • Improved some wording
  • Minute perfection when sorting those steps in your workflow
  • Now you can (again) send a test email or calendar invite when creating new step

Week 48/2021

It was Slush week so we took the opportunity to take a look at far ahead and think how Introist might look like some day in the future. Anyhow, we also did some improvements.

🕵️‍♂️ Common event detection

Building events where all employees are invited to the same event rather than having an event for themselves is an important possibility. With this release, Introist not only looks for calendar to find suitable events but also looks another Journeys in Introist. This should make sure that no matter what happens to those events in calendar, employees enrolled later will be invited to the same event!

🐞 Fixes & improvements

Nothing still stops us from making sure that everything works as they should:

  • Security improvements based on the report from our security audit
  • Changing Journey email that should be postponed now also leaves the updated email to be postponed
  • Improved detection of failures when executing steps

Week 47/2021

🐞 Fixes & improvements

The year is quickly coming to an end so we have been focusing on getting every corner of Introist right. Take a look at these small (but important!) tweaks:

  • Improve rendering Journey preview with lot of steps
  • Automatically mark step skipped if missing some key data (e.g. Slack sender)
  • Handbook layout alignments unified
  • Store the step ID for each Journey step
  • Make loading events to Introduction Schedule more robust

Week 46/2021

👀 New look & Feel

Bye bye blue sidebar! We updated the look and feel of the UI to have some extra space for the important bits and to help you focus even better to what matters the most: information about your employees.

🌏 Copying steps from workflow to another

The title pretty much says it. You can now copy a single step from workflow to another by clicking the three dots on the step you want to copy.

🐞 Fixes & improvements

There's always a thing or two to tweak, these were the ones for this week:

  • If you have calendar event participants with very long emails (resources), the view started to scroll. Not anymore!
  • If you change journeys email which is being delayed (account not yet created), we just ignored that. Now, if you change such email, it is still being delayed, as it should be!

Release 45/2021

✉️ You asked for Slack so here it is! (Private Beta)

Slack steps are finally here! From bot to single user, from you to multiple users, from bot to channel, from.... - well, you name, we deliver it. Slack messages are now first class citizens as Introist steps and can be scheduled as part of your Workflows like any other steps. We are still tweaking the details based on your feedback so the feature requires activation. Don't hesitate to contact Account Manager to get access!

🌏 Updating email journey attributes goes public

Need to change someones manager halfway through the onboarding? No problem! Updating the (email) attributes of any journey is now fully available. When you change the email, we take care of changing the participants in all upcoming calendar events of the journey as well as the recipients of all upcoming communication steps.

🐞 Fixes & improvements

As usually, we do use and test our own system so here are a couple of things tweaked this week:

  • Sometimes sending a test message right after creating a new step might not have worked. It does now.
  • There is no need to be able to reconnect SMTP email sender so we removed such possibility.
  • It was possible to try searching available times for common events as well, which is not intended. Fixed.

Release 44/2021

🗺 People is now Journeys

Whenever a new employees joins the company, they begin their very own journey. We thought that this is what we should call a single employees instance of an Introist workflow. It is their customised journey. You will find this term now throughout Introist, most noticeably in the main menu bar.

🔡 Custom email senders

Having some email addresses that you want to send from your own servers? No Problem! You can now configure some of your senders to use custom configuration, including custom SMTP servers. 😎 Ask your point of contact for more!

🔜 Connecting Slack accounts

In Introist settings you can now connect any Slack accounts very much like email accounts.

But why? Who knows!

🐞 Fixes

We found and fixed a few glitches making the UI just a bit more pleasant.

Release 43/2021

🕙 Availability

Introist can search available times for an incoming event and suggest the most promising ones! If availability search is turned on for an individual event, Introist will lookup available times for guests in the same organisation and suggest available times when enrolling new people.

🔧 Improvements

Handbooks have now additional theming options. Ask your point of contact for more information!

Release 42/2021

🤸‍♀️ Flexibility settings for common event matching

Common events are even better with flexibility settings. Define how much flexibility you are willing to give for a single common event and Introist will look up existing events within given dates. If existing events with the same title are found in a given calendar Introist will propose to invite new people to the closest event.

🔧 Improvements

➡ Workflows can be archived.

➡ Introist delays calendar invites for emails that will be created in future. Delay period can be configured for each organisation separately depending on when the account will be created.

Release 41/2021

🌍 Timezone support

Whether your new employee is starting in New York or Helsinki, Introist will take care of sending messages and booking calendar events on their time zone.

🔆 Zapier action

Connect any app supported by Zapier to your workflow by defining Zapier action as a step.

✏️ Edit emails associated with an employee

Whether it is a typo or missing information, you can always come back and edit emails associated with an employee. Introist takes care of updating calendar invites and sending messages to correct recipients. This is in beta. If you want to try it out, ping your point of contact to get access to the feature!

🔐 SAML SSO support

Introist allows you to use your organisation's identity provider, such as Okta, to single sign-on your admin users into Introist using SAML. In default, Introist uses Google as SSO identity provider for all of the users.