Meetings and Events

There are two different types of calendar events Introist.


Setting up a meeting always creates a new calendar event with participants defined in the step configuration.

This is usually what you would like to do, especially when participants are the employee and their close colleagues.

Simple example of a meeting could be a 1-on-1 with employees manager. For each employee, separate calendar event should be created and the only participants for that event should be the employee themselves and their manager.


Setting up an event tries to invite participants defined in the step to an existing calendar event.

You can think this as a shared event with multiple employees as participants and probably having some specific persons as presenters or hosts.

Simple example of an event could be a session held on every Friday to introduce all new employees to the company. In such case, you do not want to create different calendar event for every new employee but instead invite every employee to the same event alongside with persons presenting during the event.