Stay Informed with Introist Notifications

Ensure seamless workflow with Introist's real-time alerts. No need to constantly inspect your flows; we'll notify you when something needs your attention.


Accessing Notifications:

  • Head to Settings in Introist to manage your notification preferences.

Notification Categories:

  1. Failing Steps: Get an overview of active workflow steps that may be malfunctioning, allowing for prompt resolutions. Step failures can happen for many reasons and from the report you can directly jump into the failing step to see what is wrong and how to fix it.
  2. Expired Email Senders: Be alerted when an email sender is nearing expiration to ensure continuity in your flows.

Setting Up and Customizing Alerts:

  • Choose to receive alerts via Email, Slack, or both. For Slack notifications, remember to link your personal Slack account with Introist.
  • Specify which weekdays and times you'd like to receive notifications. Alerts for each category will be sent once on your chosen days.
  • Tailor your alerts by selecting the categories you're interested in, or opt-out entirely if desired.

Stay proactive and let Introist's notifications handle the monitoring for you. For any issues or assistance, our support team is here to help.