Slack message to private channel

Send messages to private channel using your own account or a bot.


You can send a Slack message to any channel using either connected Slack account or a bot. When you want to send a message to a private channel, you need to submit the private channel, and grant access to the channel.

Configure a message

  1. Select a sender you want to use for a message
  2. Open the channel listing
    1. HOX! Private channels are not in the listing
  3. Submit the name of the channel
  4. Press Enter or click “Create”

Grant access to a private channel

When sending from an actual person

Make sure that the person is on the private channel.

When sending from a bot

You need to add Introist app to the channel.

  1. Open Slack
  2. Search and open the channel
  3. Click the name of the channel
  4. Select “Integrations”
  5. Click “Add an app”
  6. Search for “Introist”
  7. Click “Add app”